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Our mission at Webb, Klase & Lemond is to provide unsurpassed legal services to our clients. To date, we have been successful in achieving this lofty goal due primarily to the dedication of our attorneys and staff. Our clients benefit because Webb, Klase & Lemond is not like most other law firms. First, we are narrowly focused on those areas where our expertise sets us apart. Second, our resourcefulness and creativity allow us to attack problems from new and different angles. Third, we are truly dedicated to providing great value to our clients.

Expertise and Focus.
We do not accept all types of legal work. We will take on clients only if our core competencies will allow us to provide excellent representation and value. For example, we do not handle criminal cases, wills or trusts, or family law. We maintain a narrow focus on those areas of law in which our lawyers possess a present expertise or, in rare cases, a total dedication to becoming the best. We do not market our services and we are not attempting to "grow the firm." Rather, we maintain the discipline and focus to continue to practice in those areas where we can provide a competitive advantage to our clients.

Resourcefulness and Creativity.
Lawyers, like all professionals, can become set in their ways. Litigators often utilize arguments from previous cases without reevaluating the case to ensure that such arguments are the best possible given the situation. At Webb, Klase & Lemond we are constantly reevaluating our litigation strategies to improve on our clients' opportunities for victory. We endeavor to tailor each legal brief or oral argument to provide the greatest opportunity of success. We are not content to perform merely competent legal services.

The legal field is very competitive. We are aware that there are many brilliant and experienced attorneys practicing in Atlanta and around the country. The profession is often guilty, however, of running up unnecessary fees and expenses through inefficiency. At Webb, Klase & Lemond we have a relentless focus on providing value to clients. Our expertise in the fields in which we practice is the most important ingredient to providing value. Rarely do we need to "get up to speed" and "reinvent the wheel" at the inception of a case. Also, we do not over-staff our cases and do not bill our clients to support excessive overhead.

With attention to these ideals Webb, Klase & Lemond has created tremendous value for its clients. We will continue to do so in the years ahead.

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